Friday Favorites!!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Hi!! Happy Friday!!
It's been a great week at our two oldest daughters started school on Wednesday and they are both so happy to be back at school! While our mornings are definitely starting off A LOT far I am not minding being back on our "school schedule." Now talk to me in a few months and I might be singing a different tune (HA!)- but for now- we are all doing great with being back to school! :)

Here's a few things that made me extra happy this week and made my "FAVORITES" list! :)

I LOVE to bake and I am always finding an excuse to make a yummy treat! The girls wanted to bring their teachers something on the first day of school- so we decided to make them our FAVORITE cinnamon banana bread! I linked up with two of my favorite friends- Johannah and Heather this past Wednesday for their monthly Recipe Club- you can check out my BEST banana bread recipe HERE!
So like I mentioned...Wednesday was my two oldest daughters' first day of school! Charlotte is in 2nd grade and Cora started kindergarten!! They were both SO excited and ready to go! Dropping off the girls in their new classrooms and getting to see them so happy was definitely a FAVORITE moment for me this week!! I thought I was going to get a little emotional dropping off Cora for her first day of kindergarten...but honestly..I was just so GRATEFUL. Our girls are happy, healthy and LOVE to learn. Their school is AMAZING and I couldn't ask for a better place to send my girls every day! 
So, I love reading Andrea's blog and just LOVED her idea of using good ol' cheap folders as placemats for her "back to school dinner"!! I TOTALLY copied her (I hope she doesn't mind ;) and did the same for our back to school dinner!! I wasn't planning on doing anything special for dinner on the first day of school...but after seeing how cute those folders looked- I just HAD to set a festive table to celebrate the girls' first day of school!! I love how it turned out- so simple and cute and the girls were SO excited about their folder placemats!! Thank you Andrea for the super cute, EASY and creative idea!!! :)
Two of my FAVORITE things: Walmart and candles :) I popped into Walmart this week (like I always do) and found these American Home by Yankee Candle candles on sale for $7.00 from $14.94!! I picked up a scent called "Perfect Margarita" and it smells SOOOO good!! I can't wait to go back and get a few other scents!! $7.00 is such a steal for a BIG, GREAT smelling candle!! The scent I have my eye on for the fall is this delicious "Sugarcoated Cinnamon!"
I am SO excited for tomorrow...the kids and I are having a playdate with some of their FAVORITE friends...and their mom happens to be a great friend of mine!! I plan on putting out a bunch of markers, crayons, stickers and paper for the kids to get their craft on...and my friend and I plan to do lots of catching up...our schedules have been crazy and we haven't seen each other all summer!!
Donuts + plenty of coffee + tons of great conversation = Perfect Saturday morning!!
I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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  1. So happy the girls had a great 1st day! Love the placemat folders, as well!! Your right, Andrea always has great ideas!! I have used several of her ideas!! :)
    Happy Friday Friend!!

  2. Look at how happy those girlies look on their first day of school! I loooooove that dinner idea. I'm going to store that idea for a couple of weeks until Cash has his first day of school!

  3. I love the table setting. Such a cute way to kick-off the school year.

  4. I was thinking of doing the same idea for our back to school dinner. I might even make it a "brinner" like Andrea did. have a wonderful weekend!

  5. The folders as placemats are so cute! What a great idea. Such a simple way to make it a festive dinner!

  6. I loved that back to school meal idea from Andrea! I saved it to use a few years down the road. Your girls looked so excited to be back to school. I"m sure they come home with good stories about everything that went on during their day. Hope your playdate was fun for everyone and that you have a fabulous weekend. I'm excited to see 70s and sunny in the forecast for the coming week :)


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