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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!
It's been a couple weeks since I have shared some "Walmart finds"- so I am excited to show you a few items that I am LOVING, one of which I recently picked up at THE Walmart :)
April wrote a post on some super cute shorts from Walmart about 2 months ago and she called Walmart, "The Walmart." HA! I have been referring to it that way ever since! 

Soooo....I have been on the lookout for some cute looking storage bins for my living room area.  I actually linked to these galvanized metal storage bins in a previous Walmart finds post a few months ago!
The bin pictured below is the "small" size and it is $7.47!
I LOVE it! Wouldn't it be adorable if you taped off a rectangle section under the handle and painted on chalkboard paint?? That way if you got several of the bins, they could be labeled??
How perfect would this larger sized bin be in a mudroom?? You could get several and put them in separate cubbies for the kids shoes, outside toys, etc.
Or a few of these bins lined up on a shelf over your laundry machine and dryer...filled with cleaning supplies, rags, dryer sheets, etc- would be PERFECT!
I had absolutely NO luck finding these bins at my local Walmart store. They are listed on the website as only a " purchase." Well....when we were in Virginia Beach, VA for vacation earlier this summer, Aaron ran to the closest super Walmart to pick up beer and water (you know- the ESSENTIALS- HA!) I got a text from him while he was there...with a picture of the galvanized bins!!! Just so happened that Walmart had them!! 
So- I had him pick me up 3 of them!
 I am currently using 2 of the smaller sized bins to store the girls library books and DVDs and other books Aaron and I read. They fit perfectly on the bottom shelves of our TV console and I love the look of the metal with the wood!! 
PS- our TV console is from Walmart too- you can find it here! The color we have is called "salt oak" and it is currently on sale for $159.98 (from $229.00)!!! Such a great deal!! 
Here's a more up close view of the bin- I feel like the pictures online make it look more dark than it really is in person. It definitely has a mix of shiny/distressed to it- but is more silver than dark gray (as depicted on the online pictures). 
While I was getting pictures of the bins, I came across this galvanized 3-tier Metal Serving Stand!! My friend Heather over at My Glittery Heart actually did a post on this stand...she has it and LOVES it! I love it too!! Unfortunately- right now it is showing that it is out of stock :( They must have just sold out of it- because just a couple days ago it was still available! BOO! 
Anyway- you can definitely check your local stores for it- and most likely they will re-stock it online too- because it is such a popular item.
So...this serving tray is SO versatile!! 
The first thing that came to my mind was- "How cute would this be as a CUPCAKE STAND????" Or I love the idea of having different snacks in each of the 3 tiers! 
If you entertain a lot- this seriously would be the perfect thing for you to get!
I am definitely going to pick one up once they get back in is just SO cute and at $24.99 it is $44.00 LESS than it's very similar looking counter part found at Pottery Barn! ;)

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And finally...if you aren't into the look of "metal" and prefer something not as industrial looking- how ADORABLE is this canvas storage bin? I am CRAZY about the wire outside and the fact it has a chalkboard plaque for labeling!!! It is $7.47 and I am just thinking you could do so many things with this bin!! How cute would it be to use several of these in a playroom?? And you could label what each bin has inside of them! Also- the canvas liner is it can easily be washed if little toddler and kid fingers happen to get them kind of yucky! HA! 
This is the styled photo Walmart has on their website for these bins...LOVE it!!
They have them on open shelving with various kitchen items- what an adorable solution for storage if you don't have a designated pantry area of lack cupboard space.
Totally going to bookmark these bins for when we get into our next house!!
Am I the only one that gets this excited about little storage bins??! HA!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. Love your Walmart finds.
    Thank you for the love:). I LOVE my 3 tier stand. It is awesome. I used it at a fiesta that I hosted and piled it full of chips:) so cute. Others have posted they found it at Sam's. So you can always check there.

  2. THE Walmart is stepping up there game!

  3. I LOVE all the metal looks! THE WalMart is on fleek lately! I would love the three tier stand for fruit! You know what I love best about's a secret, so don't tell...I love that I can buy some clothes and home accents, and my husband doesn't question it, because he thinks it's just part of the food budget! Ha! I'm sneaky like that!! I just bought two workout tanks there this week. Score! Have a great day!

  4. Guess what I got last week....4 of the canvas storage bins for our mudroom!! Haha, woohooo for Walmart and perfect finds. I currently have them without the canvas as it is very easy to remove, but we can always add back if we want! Love your Walmart tips - I will have to send you pictures of Ashlyn's room with all of our Walmart finds!!

  5. I want all of these items! Hahaha I absolutely love the canvas wire baskets. I need a bigger house so I can decorate with all of these!
    Have a great day, Justine =)

  6. I love those bins! I am also waiting and watching for that three tier stand to be restocked. I am in love with all of these finds! :) Have a great day!

  7. You make Walmart look so good! They should pay you.

  8. I'll take one of everything!! I am so impressed with the Better Homes and Garden line at Wal-Mart. Such great home decor items at such a great price. I'm currently on the hunt for storage containers so I'm heading to my Wal-Mart to see what options they have. I also love your TV console - it looks way more expensive and I'm sure people are shocked when you tell them it came from Wal-Mart!


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