Monday Mish-Mash

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hi!!! Happy Monday!!
How was your weekend??
Our's was super boring...and I LOVED it :)

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I mentioned last in my confessions post last Thursday how GUH-ROSS my toes on Friday, while Marshall took a morning nap, the girls and I painted our toenails on the front porch. I still could use a good pedicure...but at least I have a fresh coat of toenail polish on my toes for now :)
After we had lunch and James went down for his nap, Marshall, the girls and I went to get the girls their "before school starts haircuts" at Great Clips.  FYI- kids' haircuts are only at $6.99 right now!!
Charlotte got a trim and some long layers added to her hair and Cora Maye decided to cut 10 inches off of her hair so she could donate it to a little girl who needed it more than her!!
She has the cutest little bob now and she looks absolutely precious!! 
Saturday, we went to the pool in the morning and then went to our local Fresh Thyme Market because they were having a "One Year Birthday Party" since the store has been open for one year. The girls got a snow cone and their face painted and basically it was the happiest day of their life. HA!
Later on in the day, all 7 of us loaded in the van and went to get our groceries for the week. Aaron took 2 of the kids to Sam's and I took the other 3 to Aldi.
OMG. Aldi has SOOOO many amazing new products!!
They have added SO many new organic, NON-GMO, super health conscious products and I seriously wanted to buy ALL.THE.THINGS. 
I did a pretty good job and stuck to our grocery list- but I am telling you- it was hard! :)
By the way, did you know Aldi has a new baby line out now too?? Marshall is not ready for solids yet, but you can bet that is where I will be picking up his cereal, fruits, veggies and fruit/veggie pouches! They also have several different types of baby formula that is comparable to name brands and a couple of them are lactose/soy free if you happen to have a baby who drinks a sensitive type of formula!  I did pick up a 3 pack of their baby wipes and a pack of size 2 diapers for Marshall. Currently, the diapers we get Marshall off of Amazon Prime come out to 11.6 cents/diaper...Aldi's diapers for size 2 come out to 
0.10/ I wanted to see how I like them. If they work- it will be great to know I can 
pick up diapers there when I am grocery shopping!

Sunday, we went to church and then when we got home I tackled all of our laundry. I don't like to do a ton of housework on Sunday's, but I do like to start our week off with empty laundry baskets!:) We went to the park after the boys woke up from their naps and then came home for a nice Sunday dinner. I made Crockpot Balsamic Brown Sugar Glazed pork tenderloin- I linked to the recipe last week- you can find it HERE! It turned out SO yummy!! Everyone ate it AND didn't complain/gag. MAJOR win!!
(And just FYI: I was out of balsamic vinegar- so I used apple cider vinegar instead..and it tasted great!)
Once we got the kids to bed, Aaron and I stayed up WAY too late watching the Olympics...we just LOVE them!! Is anyone else totally obsessed like we are??
We LOVED watching the men's swimming team take the GOLD in the 4 X 100m freestyle relay!
And now it's time for a new week! 
This is our last full week of summer girls go back to school next Wednesday!
I am looking forward to a fun week and enjoying these last few days with all 5 of my precious kiddos at home with me!!

Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL week!

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  1. How awesome that Cora donated her hair =) So cute!
    I have made that same pork before and we loved it. Super easy and very tasty!
    We have so enjoyed watching the Olympics! Swimming and gymnastics are my absolute favorite!
    Have a great day!!!

  2. I love that Cora donated her hair and even more that she has such an adorable cute after to show for it.

  3. I LOVE Cora's cute haircut!! Way to go sweet girl. I also want to make that tenderloin, glad yours turned out...and the Olympics is my FAVORITE!!! Have a great week!

  4. Love that Cora donated her hair. So so sweet!
    Ben and I stayed up WAY to late watching the olypmics too! I squealed when the men's swimming team took the gold and thought I woke up the kids :)
    Happy Monday friend.

  5. How sweet is your little one for donating her hair?! That bob looks great on her! I have been on a crockpot recipe finding kick - that tenderloin sounds super good!

  6. What an awesome weekend... and yay for hair donations--- my girl is trying to do the same but it's a looong way to go!! We have been watching the olympics too and loving it!!

  7. Cute haircuts!! Sounds like your boring weekend was pretty wonderful. Love the face paint, the pedicures and the new Aldi products. Fletcher takes soy formula so I'm intrigued. I'm anxious to do some crock pot meals so I need to do some grocery shopping :)

  8. It sounds like you had a fun, busy weekend!
    That pork tenderloin looks delicious. I'm going to have to add it to my meal plan!


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