Hello Monday!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend??

Our's was low key...and RAINY! BOO! We were so looking forward to some good pool weather...but Mother Nature had other plans for us.
It did clear up long enough yesterday afternoon that the kids were able to ride their bikes before and after dinner...we were SO thankful for a break in the rain and some fresh air!!

Are my kids the only ones who seriously start to act like loony tunes if they don't get their daily dose of Vitamin D and fresh air??? HA! Being cooped up inside this weekend was a foreshadowing to the upcoming winter months and it made me feel like this: older girls, Marshall and I ran a bunch of errands on Saturday morning- in torrential rain storms. SO. NOT. FUN. But we got it done- and we only ended up slightly soaked!! HA! 
 We went to Walmart, Aldi and the Dollar Tree. I wanted to get everything we needed to have our pantry stocked for making school lunches as well as all the last minute school items the girls needed. Mission accomplished! 

Just curious- but am I the only one who plans to go to the Dollar store for like 3 items and ends up spending $20 and walks out with two full bags?!? HA! I had to get some things for Charlotte's classroom- but I also ended up with a couple cute notepads for writing notes to the girls in their lunches, a cute "Happy Birthday" sign for our big sliding glass door (Cora's birthday is coming up), several containers I used to organize snacks in our pantry...all stuff I really NEEDED. HA!
Saturday night we went over to our friends' house for dinner...can I please tell you how nice it was to NOT have to cook and clean up dinner!?! We had the best time visiting with our friends and since our friends have a baby the same age as Marshall, we were home by 6:30 for bath time. Time with friends, an early dinner and kids in bed at their regular bedtime??...that's a perfect Saturday night for us! Our Saturday nights sure look different than they used to...but I love it :)

Sunday we went to church, I got all of the kids' sheets washed and changed, all of the laundry put away, we made yet another run to Walmart and ended our night with ice cream sundaes in the driveway!! 
(slightly awkward picture of me...but isn't Marshall cute...and don't those ice cream sundaes look GOOD?? There was a cupcake covered in cream cheese icing under the sprinkles and cool whip...I don't mess around when I make ice cream sundaes- HA!)
The girls first day of school is this Wednesday...but we started them back on their "school bedtime" schedule last night. I am starting our morning school routine this morning- waking everyone up at 6 am- so we can have a few days to "practice." No more lazy summer mornings for us!! Insert me crying a few tears here. HA!

YES! Let's do this Monday! :)
Hope you had a great weekend....and have a WONDERFUL week!!

Since it's Monday, I am joining my fabulous friend Johannah today for her "Hello Monday" link-up!!


  1. Boo for rain...we had a bad storm here last night:(
    Those ice cream sundaes look so GOOD!!

    Happy Monday Friend!

    1. It seems like a lot of the country is getting yucky storms! I hope it clears up soon...I am not ready for summer weather to over yet!! Have a great day!

  2. Replies
    1. It was a good night...always nice to have those kind of evenings! :)

  3. It rained here all weekend too but we actually were okay with that. We ran errands and had lunch out both days which is a rare treat for us. We wanted a low-key weekend and thanks to the constant rain, we got just that.

  4. What a fun weekend!! Those sundaes look yummy - and the cute baby, extra cute!! He looks just like Charlotte in that picture!! I started putting conversation starters in my kids lunchbox because they said noone was talking at lunch yet. I thought it would be fun for them to have a question each day to ask their friends.

  5. That ice cream looks so tasty! Getting back in the school routine can be rough, so smart to start a few days early!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend (minus the rain!) It was so hot and humid. I was really hoping the rain would cool things off. Your ice cream sundaes look delish and Marshall is looking so big and alert. I bet he wanted in on the sundae action :) Hope your week is off to a fun start. You're smart to do some back to school practice days with your girls. I've been staying up too late and need to get more sleep. So early bedtime it is for me so that I don't feel like a trainwreck in the morning :)


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