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Friday, August 5, 2016

Hi!!! Happy Friday!!

How was your week??

Our's was perfectly normal...which was just SO nice. We have had a lot of things going on the past couple of months and it was just nice to have a "regular" week! 
You know what I mean??!?!
I thought I would share some "little" things that have been making happy this past week!
New, bright purple running shoes :)
Back for my birthday in December- my parents got me a new pair of running shoes, but since I was pregnant I didn't want to use them. I am weird and wanted to save them for after I had the baby :) Ha! I have been back to running consistently now for about 6 weeks and I broke my new shoes out this past week! They are super comfy and VERY colorful :) Whenever I look down at my feet while I running- they make happy!
Flowers from my hubby:)
Aaron and the girls went out to run some errands the other day and they came home with this beautiful bouquet of flowers!! My girls were SO excited daddy got me some flowers :)
They are so pretty....and guess where he got them??? Aldi! If you didn't already know, Aldi has $4 bouquets of flowers! They even have a variety of different color roses, a dozen of them, for $4!
This precious boy. 
He is 3 months old now!! He is smiling all the time, has started laughing and has begun "talking!!" We seriously can't get enough of him!! He has been in big trouble with me this past week- he has been boycotting his afternoon nap. NOT cool Marshall! Ha! 
Lucky for him he's adorable and I can't get mad :)
Story time with big sister :) I mentioned above- Mr. Marshall Man hasn't been napping in order for me to eat lunch and NOT pass out (HA!), I have been enlisting the girls to watch him while I scarf down a salad :) Yesterday, Charlotte decided to have story time with Marshall and I just couldn't handle how precious it was to see him staring at her while she read him a bunch of books!!! 
Hot days spent at the pool! 
With school starting in just a couple of weeks, we have been making sure to have as much fun as we possibly can! Hands down, our favorite way to spend a hot summer morning is to head to the pool! My kids LOVE to swim. And I LOVE watching them swim! I can't wait for next year when Marshal will be walking around and wanting to get in the water!!
SO thankful we are able to belong to such an AWESOME YMCA with an incredible outdoor pool/splash pad!!

Hope you have an AWESOME day and the BEST weekend!!!

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  1. Those shoes are so HAPPY!!!
    Sweet Marshall! He is adorable. I would t be able to get mad at him either for not napping!! :) we miss our pool days already since school started back.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Heather!! Hope it's a great weekend for you too!! :)

  2. Marshall's smile is so precious. No way! I love the graphics you picked at the beginning of your post...happy Friday!

  3. Love your running shoes -- but LOVE that cutie pie Marshall more!! Oh my goodness, that sweet smile and face!! I imagined he would look just like James, but he has his own independent look. Too cute!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. That photo of big sister reading to little brother is the BEST! I love those running shoes too. I prefer the bright ones over neutral for exercise!

  5. Love your shoes! And hopefully naps start happening again. Moms need to eat too!

  6. I LOVE your running shoes...Also, maybe it is just me, but the brighter and more colorful my running shoe is, the faster I run! Ha!

  7. We have been living in the pool lately. Not only does it keep us cool but it also wears the little one out making sleep amazing for the whole family.


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