What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 is the last Wednesday of the month...which means it is time for a What's Up Wednesday Post!  I am excited to be joining MelShay and Sheaffer for their super fun link up party today!

What we're eating this week...
I write out our menu every week on a big chalkboard in our kitchen. I started doing this over the summer because my daughters were CONSTANTLY asking me what we were having for breakfast and dinner. I know you FEEL me on this!! HA!
Anyway...I always plan out our meals for dinner...but over the past couple of months I have made an attempt to make sure our breakfast is a little bit more diversified than just cereal :)
The girls really like it and I have found it really takes very little time to scramble up a few eggs and make some toast! 
Here's what's on the menu at our house this week:

What I'm reminiscing about...COLLEGE! One of my favorite friends is a clinical professor in Speech Pathology (Hi Laura!!) at a college and she recently posted a picture of her campus. It totally sent me back to when I started graduate school.....ahem...16 YEARS AGO!! I moved to Flagstaff, AZ totally by myself for my graduate program at Northern Arizona University and it was one of the best experiences of my life!! I had the cutest little apartment, made some amazing friends and if you have spent any time in Flagstaff, you know what an AWESOME town it is!! I just loved that time of my life!
What I am loving....Marshall's precious little baby laughs, iced coffee in the afternoon, and sitting down to dinner every night with my sweet family. It's a crazy time of day...but I love the feeling I have when I can look around at our table and see each of the faces that mean EVERYTHING TO ME!

What we've been up to...going BACK TO SCHOOL! Charlotte and Cora started 2 weeks ago and Celine went back last Monday. I am back to being a Mommy Taxi...which I am totally fine with :) I have found that if I am SUPER prepared every morning- everything runs pretty smoothly!  It is definitely a little weird to have only the boys with me a couple days a week (Celine goes to school 2 1/2 days and 2 full days)- but I am loving the one on one time with them and not going to lie- having the girls at school has definitely given me more time during the day to get things done!! My floors and toilets are very appreciate of this! HA!

What I'm dreading...nothing really! If I HAD to pick something it would be the cold weather that is imminent with the change of seasons. I know everyone is all ready for boots, sweaters and football...but I am NOT. I am one of those girls that LOVES the heat and is not excited at all about wearing boots and leggings- HA!

What I'm excited about...the upcoming THREE DAY WEEKEND! We are going to hit the pool a couple more times before it closes...the weather forecast looks awesome and I can't wait to soak up the last little bit of summer!!

What I am watching/reading...oh man....SO boring on this front!! I just got a new Good Housekeeping that is what I am currently reading :) Show wise- NOTHING! I can't wait for the new fall shows to start next month!!!

What I am listening to...the local country radio station...I am loving H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line...I have to first I didn't like the song one bit...but then I really listened to the lyrics and it grew on me! Now it's one of my current favorites :) And Kidz Bop is always on in our van :) We are also loving the Total Kids Worship radio station on Pandora! I play it in the morning while the kids are eating their breakfast and getting ready for school!

What I'm wearing...Same old same old with me....Walmart workout capris and this workout tank when I go to the gym in the morning. Unless it is a REALLY bad day...I always make sure to take a quick shower and change into real clothes and put on my makeup. I just feel SO much better about myself! My mom-i-form is J.Crew City Fit 3 inch shorts, a layering tank from Old Navy and my favorite t-shirts from Walmart!
What I'm doing this weekend...getting a MASSAGE!! Last DECEMBER for my birthday, my oldest brother got me a gift certificate to get a massage...and um..yeah. still haven't used it :) Aaron suggested I go this upcoming weekend and I was all for it!! I think I will stop at Starbuck's afterwards...just because I can :) 

What I'm looking forward to next cousin is getting married! We will be traveling to Southern Illinois for her wedding and I am so excited to see all of my mom's side of the family!! My mom has 7 sisters (8 girls total!!) and they all love to dance :) We always have an absolute blast on the dance floor! 

What else is new...nothing! :) Life is full, somewhat chaotic and absolutely wonderful!

Hope you have the BEST day!! :)


  1. I love these post!! Looks like y'all have a fun weekend planned!! and enjoy your massage! and Starbucks!!
    Oh I love your big chalkboard!!
    Happy Wednesday Friend!

    1. Thanks friend!!! Our big chalkboard is just an old frame with a piece of plywood that we painted with chalkboard paint! :)

  2. You definitely need to move south when Aaron is done with residency! In Central Florida we get maybe 6 weeks of cold. And by that I mean 60s. When it's morning lows of 40 (for a few days in Feb/March), they don't let the kids go outside in the mornings at school because it's considered too cold.

    1. Oh girl... We are definitely looking at the option of moving south! Aaron and I both are warm weather lovers and are definitely done with the winters up here in the Midwest!! :)

  3. Cash & I are both loving H.O.L.Y. Every time it comes on, he asks to turn it up. Sadly to say, I think we had our last pool day on Sunday. Your cousins wedding sounds like it will be a blast!

  4. I love HOLY too - did you know they wrote it about their wives? That makes me love it more!! Hope you guys enjoy your 3 day weekend!! We are heading to the lake with family, I am looking forward to sleeping in...until at least 7:30!! Haha!

  5. A massage and Starbucks...sounds like a wonderful time just for you! We drove around the college campus when we were in Flagstaff last summer. It is really beautiful and we loved the town. It seemed to be just the right size for a college town. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. Those workout leggings are so cute! I've bought a few workout tanks from Walmart & love them!
    You guys need to move to Texas! We've got heat 320 days a year! ;)

  7. I need new workout clothes and because I trust you I am going to visit WalMart and hope that I can find something!

  8. Even though my baby is only 4 months old I eat up (pun not intended) fun mama ideas and that chalkboard is so cute!!

  9. Hi sweet friend! The start of a new year is fun on a college campus :). Like you we will be hitting the pool HARD this weekend. Hope the weather cooperates!

  10. I love that you write out your weekly menu for everyone to see! What a fun perk of having kids old enough to read :) I always look forward to dinner time and having everyone together in one spot. Our Grad school years are full of super fun memories for both Kevin and I and it's hard to believe it was so many years ago because it feels like just yesterday. Love your plans for a massage, pool, time with you family and enjoying the lovely weather this weekend!!


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