Hello Monday!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!!

I am linking up with my friend Johannah today and saying "Hello Monday!" was your weekend??

Our's was so great!! We celebrated our precious Cora Maye all weekend long and it really was such a fun birthday weekend!

We started our weekend off on Friday...with me waking up with a fever and a horrible sore throat and headache!! AHHH!! I had caught the virus all the kids had!! As soon as I saw 101 on the thermometer, I popped 2 tylenol and went about my day...I did NOT have time to be sick!! Luckily I felt yucky for only about 30 hours...and as long as I was taking tylenol- which was every 6 hours on the NOSE- I was fine :)  And the SUPER good news is that everyone in our house is now FEVER FREE! Man! SO thankful we are all healthy again!!

So- Friday- we went and picked Cora up from school and then headed to the pool! One of our "summer bucket list" activities was to have a pizza picnic at the that's what we did! Summer's not over yet! HA! Aaron met us at the pool with $5 Hot 'n' Ready pizzas from Little Caesar's and the kids swam and had a blast....until it started thundering and lightening...and we had to go home. Womp. Womp. HA! The weather here in Indianapolis has been crazy lately with storms!

Saturday morning, Cora and Charlotte had their first soccer practice/game (Aaron is their coach!) and when they got back- it was time for Cora's Art Party!
Cora asked for an "art party" and it was such a CUTE little party! Aaron made this awesome easel, I made each of the girls an "art" apron with their name on it, bought some paints and canvases and the girls had SO MUCH FUN!  They all created such neat masterpieces and had the best little time with each other!!
 Sunday was Cora's actual birthday and it was a really nice low key day! We went to church and then spent the rest of the day opening presents, playing, running a few errands and of course having cake and ice cream!! James is SUCH a funny little boy...he is fighting us 
A LOT lately when it is time to sit in his booster seat at the table...he wants to be a big boy :) Well...yesterday- this is how he decided he wanted to eat his dessert! HA! He dragged our mini rocking chair from the play room and set himself up a nice little seating arrangement!! :)
After all the kids having a rough week of not feeling was so nice to have a fun weekend!! We had the best time loving on our precious birthday girl!
SO thankful for this crazy crew of mine!!
And now we are back to Monday! I am ready!
With the kids being sick last week, I didn't get to the gym once...which is no bueno for me :)
I am looking forward to getting back to my workouts and having a happy, healthy week!!

What's your week looking like? Were you super busy this weekend?? I always feel like I need Monday to catch up from our weekend...and then by Tuesday...I don't feel so discombobulated! HA!

Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL week!!

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  1. Aww! What a handy hubby! Is that one big easel or 4 separate ones? I'm so glad you guys are all feeling better! A few weeks ago, I came down with a fever. Girl, getting a fever as an adult is no joke. I was up to 102. I don't know how these kiddos deal with fevers!

  2. Can I borrow your handy hubby??!?! HA Aaron did a GREAT job on the easels! The art party looked like a huge success!! I love James "seating arrangement" SO CUTE!!
    I am so sorry you got the yucky germs! Shouldn't germs just know that momma's do not have time to be sick? ;) But I am so glad your house is feeling much better!!

    1. I am a lucky gal... Aaron can pretty much whip up any idea I throw at him!
      And yes- so happy we gotten rid of all the nasty germs!! Now the trick is going to be STAYING healthy! Ha!

  3. Oh Justine! I'm so sorry you got sick as well, but I'm glad you are on the mend and it sounds like you guys had a fabulous weekend! The art birthday sounds fun!!
    I hope you have an amazing Monday!!!

    1. Thanks friend! So thankful we are all healthy again!! Her party was really cute and the girls had so much fun:) hope you have a great Monday too!!

  4. Well, I shouldn't have to explain my love for AN ART BIRTHDAY PARTY!!?! Girlfriend knows the way to my heart. So glad you felt good enough to make it through all your sounds like the best weekend. Happy Birthday Cora!

    1. Thanks friend!! I can't wait to see all the fun you have throwing parties for your two precious girls!! You be in creative heaven!! :)

  5. I'm so sorry you got sick too. Hopefully all the "germs" are gone now and y'all can have a better week. That easel is awesome, and what a fun idea for a party. Love the pic of you and the kids. Marshall is getting so big! Have a great Monday!

  6. What a cool idea for a party! Hope Cora has a great birthday!!

  7. I am glad your fever was short lived and hope you are still feeling better!! Love your family photo - you guys are TOO pretty!!!

  8. What a sweet art party for Cora! I love those easels and it looks like everyone had a blast. Glad you made a quick recovery because it's so hard to be super mom when you're sick. I think my favorite pictures are the ones with you and your precious five!! Everyone looks so cute :)


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