Tuesday Talk!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!!
How is your week going so far???
We are doing great...the girls are SO happy to be back at school and I am so glad no one is waking up with a 102 degree temperature! :) it just me or does the start of a new school year almost feel like a second "New Year?" Does that even make sense?!? HA! 

I want to get super organized, I have a lot of goals I set for myself, I am making LOTS of "to-do" lists....wait a minute...this isn't just a "new school year" thing for me...HA! 
I am like this all the time. HAHA!

Anyway...I am totally a "list maker." I LOVE to make lists...and I truly rely on them to help me remember what needs to get done. I use a Plum Paper Planner to help keep me can find them HERE- it is the BEST planner!!

For specific tasks, my grocery lists, planning a particular day/activity out, I also make really detailed lists...a lot of people ask "how I do it??" with 5 kids...and while I am definitely not anything special- I do pride myself on being SUPER organized. 
Being prepared and making a "to-do" list is a huge part of that for me!

So...I don't know about you...but making a list- especially if it is filled with tasks that aren't very exciting (AKA dust all the ceiling fans) is a lot more fun when you have cute stationary to write your list out on!! 

I LOVE finding FREE printables on the internet that I can print off and use for all of my list making I thought I would share a few of my favorites that I have found recently!

First- I am LOVING this grocery list printable!! It also has a section in the bottom right corner for you to jot down your dinners for the grocery list are not always the most organized...this definitely helps me as I write down everything we need for week!!
You can find it HERE!
 This printable is perfect for really looking at how you spend your day...and using your time wisely!! I know I can get sucked into responding to emails...checking out instagram...looking for new recipes...I think this would be an especially great "to-do list" to have printed out if you work from home and need to have a division between what needs to get done "work" wise versus your "home" life! You can find it HERE!
 I just printed this printable off yesterday!! With 5 kids and the all the running around I am doing now that the girls are back in school...I really have to prioritize what MUST get done and what can wait if it has to. LOVE that I can group tasks off into high, medium and low priority groups with this "to-do" list! You can find it HERE
So...I am not sure I have disclosed this...but my husband and I sometimes use more colorful language...obviously NOT around our kids...but with each other?'s a different story- HA! husband is a big "list" person too. He is MORE than happy to do anything I need him to do- but he REQUIRES a list. I can't just say, "Hey honey- can you do this, this and this?" He won't remember and he won't do it. And then I get perturbed. Then he gets annoyed with me. You know how it goes! HA! Soooo- to avoid all of that- I make him a good ol' fashioned list :) I found this printable and HAD to make it his official "list stationary." I love how it has that pretty pink banner....and that not so proper word in the title. HA! You can find it HERE (you have to scroll down a few images to find it- just right click and it will come up as a printable PDF file)!
If you are looking for a month at a time printable- you must check these beautiful calendars out! I love to print out monthly calendars to write out our meals as well as my cleaning schedule. These are just so pretty and cheerful! You can download and print the remaining months of this year HERE!
And finally- this isn't a "to-do" list printable...but I still wanted to share it :)
I printed this out and have this hanging up in our kitchen...right by my "command center." We have started reading it to the girls every morning while they are eating breakfast! I am really big on having a POSITIVE attitude and we are trying to instill that in our this message and how it gives kind of a "step-by-step" on how to have a GREAT day!
You can find the printable HERE! (I downloaded the image and cropped off the top part of the printable- just FYI :)
Are you a list maker?
What is your favorite method for staying organized??

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. Love this Tuesday Talk. I am a huge list maker. I'm the type that if I accomplished something that wasn't on my list, I will write it on my list just so I can see that check mark. HA.
    I love all the printables you shared.
    I use my Erin Condren life planner for all my list making purposes.
    I need to print that grocery list printable. :)
    Thanks for sharing!! Happy Tuesday friend.

    1. We are SO the same person! Ha! I love checking things off my lists! :) And I have heard so many great things about the Erin Condren planner... I love how colorful they are!!

  2. I love these! Free printables are fabulous. I have that free grocery one, too. And we have potty mouths over here, too...

  3. LOVE my lists and LOVE a good free printable! These are great suggestions. I may or may not have an excel template for our grocery list that is categorized by aisle for our Kroger store. Some people think I'm nuts and it's overkill, but I never have to go back from one end of the store to another and I have very rarely ever forgotten anything since I started doing it this way!

    1. I love that you have your grocery list organized like that!! It's not overkill- it's genius!!!😀

  4. Love this post! I am a TOTAL list maker and love the printables you shared. I am an EC Life Planner girl, but those Plum Paper Planners look amazing! Can't wait to look through all they offer. And they are in San Diego :) Just moved from SD after living there for 13+ years to Nebraska so I'm hanging on to anything San Diego related! HA! :)

  5. If it goes on a list, the odds are me doing it grows 1000%.

  6. We are list loving twins :) I make so many lists every day and if it's not on my list it usually doesn't happen. I also make my hubby lists and he'd LOVE your Get Sh*t Done version of a to do list. I'm printing them off for him!! I keep lists in my planner, lists on my phone and would love to have an organized format to write out my grocery list each week. My husband teases me for writing my list in the order of the store, but it makes perfect sense to me :)

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