Friday Favorites!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hi!! Happy Friday!!
How was your week??
Our's was pretty great!! It was our last full week of summer break...the girls go back to school next Wednesday!
We have been going on lots of fun outings, riding bikes after dinner every night, having dessert more than we normally do and going to bed a bit later....just trying to soak up every last bit of our free spirited summer schedule!!!

Soooo....I have been doing a little more shopping than I normally do...and I have made some fun purchases!! If you are a regular "reader," you know my budget is on the teenier side (HA!)- so all of my goodies have been $10 or under! SCORE!

If we were friends in "real" life I would totally make you sit at my kitchen table, make you an iced coffee and then show you all of the fun things I have let's pretend like that's happening right now :)

I am a BIG salad eater...I pretty much always have one for lunch and sometimes for dinner too! I have been really trying to "clean" up my diet as far as pre-made items I use- and one of the first things I stopped using was store bought salad dressing. I picked up this adorable little salad dressing shaker by OXO on Amazon (Prime for the Win!) for $9.99 and have had the best time coming up with my own salad dressing concoctions!! One thing I have learned so far is I need to go a little easier on the vinegar! HA! 
Okay- so I have already done a blog post on my favorite t-shirt but I just HAD to share them again. Just this past week I picked up a purple one for my mom and a black one for my sister. I would have gotten one in this gray color for me- but they didn't have my size :(  Friends- these t-shirts are $2.97. COME ON!!! I think they fit great (I do size up one size because they are in the "junior's" section, they totally hold up being washed and dried and they come in SO many fun colors. Also- I have had several people tell me they are on sale at their Walmart currently for $2!! Definitely one of my FAVORITE purchases I have made recently!!
Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about the cutest little galvanized storage bins I recently got at The Walmart :) I have 3 of them and just LOVE them!! They are $7.47 each. If you are like me and are totally getting into organizing everything before school starts- a couple of these bins would be the perfect (and super cute) storage solution for your kids random items, shoes, lunch boxes, etc!! 
So- I have a confession- I HATE to iron. I will pretty much do anything to get out of it- like pick a different shirt/dress to wear versus ironing the wrinkled one I REALLY want to wear- HA!  This also goes for my husband's dress shirts :) We've been together long enough that he doesn't even ask me anymore...he just does it himself :)  While he doesn't loathe ironing as much as I do- it certainly isn't his favorite pastime- so we have begun replacing his "regular" dress shirts with "non-iron" dress shirts. We LOVE Banana Republic's wrinkle free shirts...but they are pricey! Well I am so excited- because I just scored big time when I was able to pick him up a few new non-iron, slim fit (so hard to find!!) dress shirts from Old Navy!! There are several colors/patterns on sale, including this one that I got for $9.97!!!
If your hubby/boyfriend/special friend :) needs some new dress shirts- definitely check them out- you just can't beat $10!!
And my final, FAVORITE purchase I have made (that is under $10) are these super fun Conversation Starter Cards. Aaron and I have been working on being more intentional with our time together after the kids have gone to bed and these cards have been so much fun!!
For our "at home date" this past week, I made us milkshakes and we read/answered several of these cards together. It was simple and fun and the questions on the cards were really good. I am already looking forward to our next "conversation card date!" 
Have you made any fun purchases lately??
Anything I need to know about?? 

Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!!
We're looking forward to getting some things done around the house and binge watching the Olympics!! GO USA!!

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  1. Girl you know I adore you and your blog, but you've got me shaking my head about slim fit shirts being hard to find! My husband can't wear slim fit shirts and I feel like I have the hardest time finding "regular" shirts for him. Definitely ON is where you need to be. I know most of be dress shirts I like for him there and department stores like Macy's end up being slim fit. My poor hubby has the most boring work shirts because all the modern stuff is slim. 😕

    1. Haha!! I guess I should have specified that finding slim fit shirts and being able to get them in "tall" is hard to find :) I was so excited old navy had the option of getting the slim fit + tall combo. You should check out Land's End for regular fit shirts for your husband!! They have an awesome selection of shirts and they are super high quality!

  2. Ironing might be one of the worst chores...I just don't iron anymore. Luckily my husband's work clothes do not require him to iron and if I need something ironed I just pop it in the dryer! HA! Have a great weekend!

  3. I never comment but my husband likes non-iron slim fits too (this girl does not iron...ever!)and always seems to have great luck at Kohls! Prices are good too obviously. Love you, love your blog!

  4. The salad dressing container is genius! I have made a couple dressings recently that were delish! I'll share them with you if you are interested =)
    I hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. We do not iron either!!! I hate it, and Jonathan is overwhelmed when he does it because he had a military father so it has to be PERFECT. I just throw my stuff in the dryer over and over until the wrinkles resolve themselves and buy him wrinkle free!! Haha. Have a wonderful last weekend before school starts!!!

  6. I do not iron either! I have a steamer that I will use and it is usually as effective as ironing. I love those conversation cards too, such a great idea.

  7. I found those t-shirts at my local Walmart on the clearance rack for $1 each. The clearance colors were limited, but now I have 4 each in grey and navy, so I'm pretty set! Thanks :)

  8. Confession: I love ironing.
    I am fully aware that this makes me one of a kind -- in a weird way :)

  9. I'm so curious about your salad dressing shaker! I never make my own dressings and am so intimidated by that process. I love salads so you'll have to share your favorite recipes when you get some. I also hate ironing and rarely do it. The last time we moved Kevin called me into our laundry room. He said, "What is this weird triangle thing with a cord??" It was the iron... haha funny man. I do a lot of things around the house, but ironing isn't one of them. We'll stick to our plan of mostly buying things that do not require ironing :)


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