Weekly Walmart Finds!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Hi friends!!

Happy Wednesday!! has been way too long since I have done a Weekly Walmart Finds post!!
Honestly- I haven't been doing much shopping at Walmart (minus getting groceries) lately!! I always have a tendency to take a breather from shopping in general after the holidays...and let's be honest- my wallet needed a break too! HA!

This past weekend, while I was at Walmart getting a few random items, I walked through the women's clothing section and saw some CUTE things. And of course- HAD to share them with you today!!

First up is this ADORABLE striped sweater by Time and Tru!! 
If you follow the IG account @whoawaitwalmart- then you might have already seen this!
It is NOT online currently- but it is in the stores!! It's SO cute and is more of a lightweight type of sweater. For the colder weather we are experiencing right now- it would look SO cute layered over a denim button down shirt- or layered under a denim jacket paired with some black skinny jeans!! You can't beat the price- it's $11.84!!
Next up is this perfect open front cardigan! I saw this at my local Walmart and was like, "Oh. that is CUTE." Perfect to wear right now with a long sleeve layered underneath it...and then it can totally transition into spring with a short sleeve top!! I just feel like this style of cardigan looks good on EVERYONE and is such a closet staple!! Ok- so the "original" price tag on this cardigan is $16.94- and that's what you will pay if you get it in the store right now. BUT- online- it's currently on sale for $10.50!!! At that price, you should pick up two of these! This cardigan comes in this pretty gray color as well as white, black and a tan-ish nude color. All PERFECT, classic colors!! I feel like this might be the "it" shirt from Walmart this spring. It is SO SO CUTE.
It's already in my Walmart store...but I have found they stock warmer weather clothes much sooner down here in North Carolina than they did when I lived up north! 
It's online- but the colors and sizes are VERY limited- so you will need to be on the lookout for it at your local Walmart! It's by Time and Tru and it is $11.88!
It's a super flattering, longer length top with these sweet bell sleeves. Another one of those tops that will look good on any body type! Get one of these tops and pair with a pair of jeans and you are SET. How good would that coral color or one of the floral patterns look with a pair of white jeans??
What I love most about this top- is that while it has a "flowy" look to it- it is definitely NOT oversized. It's got just enough room to it that you can feel comfortable but not so much that it will look like you are wearing a big sack. HA! You know what I mean?!?
So, FOR SURE, be checking your Walmart for this top! It's a total winner in my book! Or you can check it out HERE!
And finally- I am ending with this adorable short sleeve knot t-shirt! Again- I know it is not necessarily something most people can be wearing RIGHT NOW- but I saw it at my local store and just had to share about it!! It's just your average t-shirt material...VERY soft and it has a nice weight to it- but it has this super cute knotted detail on the sleeve! It's a closet staple- totally elevated! It comes in SO many pretty, fresh colors and it is $9.96. I mean, SERIOUSLY. You need to get at least one or two of these!! 
Ok. Who's ready to go shopping?!?!

Have you been to your Walmart lately?? Seen anything cute??

Hope you have the BEST day!
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  1. I haven't seen that bell-sleeved shirt in store yet, but I can already tell that will be a summer staple for me. Great finds!

  2. Well, like you about the only thing I've shopped for at WM since Cmas is groceries and homegoods. I have gotten some real cute clothing over the years and will have to check some of these out when I go tomorrow. Happy mid-week!

  3. Love all of these options! I picked up some new walmart tops today for Spring. I wish my store had that hello rainbow sweater.

  4. Man, now I feel a trip to Wal-Mart in my future; I need that striped sweater!


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