Friday Favorites!

Hey Hey!! Happy Friday!!
How has this week been for you?
We've had a great week! It's been filled with lots of after school activities and a special church service for Charlotte last night! 
Everyone is currently healthy (always so thankful for that!) and I am so happy we are headed into the weekend!

I have a few random FAVORITES from this past week to share!

Every Sunday after church, I make a batch of semi-homemade cinnamon rolls using crescent rolls as the dough. I recently started adding a generous sprinkle of brown sugar along with the cinnamon and sugar....and it is SO delicious.
The brown sugar caramelizes just a bit and really just makes the cinnamon rolls taste SUPER yummy!! 
I gave our sunroom a little re-fresh! I have a turquoise patterned rug I put out in the late spring- summer months. Then for the fall/winter months- I put out this navy rug. 
I got both rugs from Amazon and I love them! They are great quality and perfect for a space that gets a lot of traffic!
I put out some "fall-ish" pillows and we are good to go until it's time to decorate for Christmas ;)
I love our sunroom SO much. It's one of my favorite spaces of our house! Isn't it crazy what paint and new flooring can do to a space?? This was our sunroom when we bought the house!
Aaron removed the decorative wood on the top windows to let more light in, he put in a new floor and we painted the space white, the ceiling an extremely light blue and painted the ceiling fan black. A few changes and the space is totally different! 

I LOVE a before and after- so I thought this was a fun one to share! :)

How cute are these tiny cookies and mini peanut butter cups?!?
I picked these up at Trader Joe's last week and have been putting them in the kids' lunches!
They are the perfect little sweet treat!!
Also- both of these would be so good to include in a "mix!" You could do a mix of these tiny cookies, the mini PB cups, fall colored m & m's, pretzels and some chex cereal!!
As I am typing this out- I am making a mental note to pick up all of these items at the store so my kids can make a fun fall mix for a snack next week! :)

If you follow me on Instagram- you know about my strong love and dedication to Peloton :)
I have the Peloton treadmill and bike and you can find me in our workout room 6 days a week doing a combination of running and strength training! I have been working out with Peloton for almost 4 years now and I LOVE it.
At the beginning of this year, I set a couple health goals for myself- one of them being to complete [40] 60 minute treadmill bootcamps (taught by the AMAZING Jess Sims) by the end of the year.

Earlier this week I completed #35 out of 40 bootcamps and it felt SO.DANG.GOOD.
I am feeling strong and so grateful for what my body is capable of doing!
Okay friends! 
Time to get this Friday going! I need to make an apple pie and some cinnamon roll cookie bars. 
I should probably go to the store before I try to make the pie because I do not have a pie crust or apples currently. HA!

Hope you have the BEST Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful week!
    Those cinnamon rolls sound so good and I love the look of your sunroom, it looks such a lovely space to spend time.

  2. I love your sunroom! Have a great weekend!


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