Meal Plan Monday!

 Hey, hey friends!!

It's been over THREE YEARS since my last post on this blog.


I am not sure how regularly I will be posting...but I do know that I have felt like I want to share more here than on Instagram! I can tend to ramble and this feels like a better place to do that! HA!

Let's start off the week with a good old fashioned weekly meal plan!

Here's what we're having for dinner this week at our house!

A few notes about what we're having:

I picked up the mini hash browns at Aldi last week! They were in the "special" freezer section.

Our Target carries mini meatballs (by the brand Earth's Best) and my kids LOVE them. I haven't bought them in awhile and decided they would be a fun add in to our regular pasta night. When I went to place my pick up order- I was so bummed to see they aren't being carried anymore! I did a quick search on Instacart to see if any other local stores carried them- and saw that a local grocery store called Wegmans carried mini meatballs. YAY! I picked up a couple bags to have on hand! I hope they are as good as the Earth's Best brand!

I always try to have Trader Joe's "Tuscan Pane" bread on hand for grilled cheese. It is SO good and just really makes an average grilled cheese EXTRA yummy.

We love the "Just Bare" brand. They make breaded chicken nuggets that are JUST LIKE 
Chick Fil A!! I get them at Costco. These make for such an easy weeknight meal!! This week I will be making them with some waffle fries I got at Walmart- so it's like an "at home" Chick Fil A dinner!

I think I have made lasagna maybe once or twice in my life. HA! It's not something all of my kids  like- but I know my husband will enjoy it. So I am going to search for the "easiest and yummiest lasagna" recipe and hope for the best!

We have burgers, fries and ice cream sundaes EVERY Sunday. It's one of our family traditions :)

I did not meal plan last week because we got back from a trip to Mexico late Monday evening. I felt discombobulated all week because I didn't have a set plan for dinner!!
Feels good to head into the week knowing what I need to get at the store and what I will be making my crew for dinner!

And a friendly reminder: Simple dinners are just as good as elaborate, more involved dinners.
For me, as someone who doesn't enjoy cooking, making "easy" meals means less stress and a much more pleasant meal time for all involved ;)

Truly the MOST important thing is just getting everyone gathered around the table to share a meal and to talk about everyone's day!

Hope ya'll have a great Monday!!!


  1. So happy to see a new blog post!

  2. So happy to see that you’re back to blogging. Looking forward to more posts about anything you want to share, you share so many good ideas and have such fun trips. Glad you’re back 😊


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