Meal Plan Monday + A Few Randoms!

Monday, September 25, 2023

Hey hey friends!!

Happy Monday!!!
How was your weekend? Our's was a good mixture of busy mixed with some downtime! 
Just how I like it! :) 
First things first!
Here's what we're having for dinner this week!

** I posted on last week's menu we were having mini hashbrowns. We ended up having biscuits instead- so the hashbrowns got moved to this week!
My oldest daughter and my nephew are celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation on Thursday evening. My sister-in-law and I are having joint celebration for them on Friday! They asked for meatball subs for the main dish :) We are going to plan some sides and salads around that!

Now on to a few randoms!

About a month ago, I bought a Tineco Vaccum/Mop.
They are NOT cheap. I have been looking at one for almost a year- and I finally just decided to hit the "purchase" button when the particular model I have been looking at had a nice sized coupon to go along with it!

Besides the bedrooms in our home- which are carpeted- the rest of our house has wood floors. 
I sweep, swiffer and mop A LOT. 

I read so many reviews about this vacuum/mop and everyone (well almost everyone- you know there are always a few people that have some crazy complaint! HA!) said it was life changing and I kind of agree! It does an amazing job of cleaning the floors. It's cordless! It also vacuums while you mop! It is totally worth the investment to me!
One thing to note- I do swiffer the floors quickly before I use the Tineco. I get the preliminary amount of dust/hair cleaned up with the swiffer and then the Tineco gets everything else. I read that doing a preliminary sweep/swiffer can help with the vacuum not getting overly clogged!

I put the Tineco to good use this past Saturday because we got a new couch delivered and it was pouring down rain when the delivery guys arrived. My floors were desperate for a good cleaning after they left!

So - here's the deal about the couch. We bought a new couch last fall. We have gotten all of our major pieces of furniture from Haverty's - we love the quality of their pieces and the customer service is great. Anyway- we bought a new couch and it was quite an INVESTMENT.
We love the size of it and the style of it- but over the past 10 months- we have been pretty unhappy with the material of the couch. It started pilling and really just wasn't very soft and comfortable. Aaron and I both started to feel pretty upset about how disappointed we were- especially for how much we paid.  Aaron decided to call the general manager at the store we bought the couch from and he was absolutely amazing. He explained that the material that we had on our couch had been having the some quality issues and we were not the first unsatisfied customers. He told us we could return our couch and pick out something different.
We went with the same couch- because we love it! But- we chose a completely different material and color. This material is woven differently- so pilling is not an issue and it is softer! And it is lighter in color- which we really liked. 

My husband and I were SO impressed with the way the general manager handled this situation. He could easily just told us we had to deal with the purchase we made!
But because there was an issue with the way the material was made- which caused the poor quality- he made it right for us. Major SHOUT OUT to Haverty's for their amazing customer service!

Let's end with this random Monday post with a MUST BUY purchase if you have a Trader Joe's near you!

This cinnamon roll blondie bar mix is DELICIOUS.
It's a seasonal mix- so definitely go to your TJ's to see if they still have some.
It's like a cinnamon roll meets a cookie and it's so so good!!!
It comes with a mix to make a glaze...I added a little whipped cream cheese to the glaze mixture to give it a "cream cheese icing" flavor and that was a VERY good decision ;)

Okay! Off to get this day started!!! Hope you have the BEST day!

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  1. I was sooo happy to see that you’re back to blogging! I sure hope it’s regularly because I have missed your posts! Did you move over the last few years? Have a great week!


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