A Few Fun House Updates!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Happy Wednesday friends!!!

How is your week going so far??

It has been raining NON STOP since Monday morning and I may or may not be going slighty crazy. HA!
I am all for a cozy, lazy day spent inside...but multiple no. 

Moving on from my complaining about the weather....let's talk about fun house improvements! 
In the last couple of months, we've (and when I say "we" I totally mean Aaron) finished a few projects we've had on our master "house list" and I thought I would share them with you today!!

First- a little laundry room "re-fresh!"

Technically speaking, we don't really have a true laundry room. 
I call it a laundry "space." Right as you walk into our house from the garage, you are in our laundry "space." It's small and cramped...and up until last month- it was also pretty lackluster.
With it being such a small space, we knew we needed to keep the improvements small- but the few things we changed- made a big impact!

Here's a "BEFORE" view of the laundry room.
Basic cabinets with a coat of spray paint on them.
And here's our laundry sink. Again- just a basic sink with white (plastic) doors.
The biggest improvement/change we made was adding a shiplap "background" behind the washer, dryer and utility sink!
Aaron came up with the most clever idea for this shiplap background. We could just add shiplap to the back wall because of the washer/dryer hookups and the lines for the sink.
So- being the super creative guy he is- he built a shiplap wall and installed it on hinges!!

He built it out a couple of inches so it would accomodate all the hoses and then installed it on hinges so that if/when a repair needs to be made- it can be lifted up!!!
The next improvement he did was build doors for the utility sink that matched the shiplap background!
Love this handy husband of mine SO much!

The final change we made was switching out the handles on the cabinets and painting them completely white. Simple changes- but they made such a big impact!

Here's the "AFTER!" 
Everything just looks so fresh and finished- which is exactly what we were going for!
Here's a view of the utility sink...see that cute little towel rack??
Aaron made the towel rack out of black iron piping that is used for gas lines!
Here's another view of our laundry space...this is coming from the garage entrance.
Didn't the utility sink doors turn out so good? 
Again- such a simple change but they just look so finished and go with the overall "look" of the space!
The other project that we completed is our gallery wall in our living room! I have been meaning to print out our family pictures since LAST FALL and get them up on our gallery wall. I finally took the time to print out some of my favorites and I ordered more picture frames.
I got all the pictures put in the frames and then Aaron and I got them all hung!

The wall is now FULL of family pictures from the last 4 years and I just LOVE it!
Here's another view...I took this picture standing in our kitchen. 

I am undecided if I want to eventually paint this wall an accent color or maybe do some sort of trim. I feel like the bottom half of the wall might be missing something?!
For now though...I am considering this a "finished" project. 
This wall of pictures makes me so happy!!

The final project we just finished was re-doing our master bathroom shower!! This was a BIG project and one that Aaron is SO happy to be done with.
I will share more about that "re-do" in a separate post!!!

I am curious to know...have you been tackling more home projects since the quarantine started?? 
I would say for us- being quarantined wasn't the reason we did these projects as Aaron has been working the whole time. We are just "project" people. HA! We always say, after we finish a project that it's going to be our LAST ONE. Then we take a break for a couple of months and then we forget about how much work it is to do home renovations with 5 young kids and then we start another one. HA! What can I say, we are gluttons for punishment!!

I can definitely say FOR NOW- especially with our shower now being done- NO MORE PROJECTS (at least for the next couple of months ;)

Hope you have the BEST day!


  1. what color is the paint in your laundry room? Love it!

    1. Agreeable gray by Sherwin Williams!

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