Friday Favorites!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Hey friends!!!

Happy Friday!!

It's been a full week for us...we've had cousins in town and we've spent time in Raleigh earlier in the week and then we had 9 out of the 10 cousins on my side of the family at our house the past two days. 
The kids have had a BLAST and it's been so fun to have everyone together!
We've done all the "summery" things...go to the park, go out for ice cream, stay up late, spent LOTS of time in the pool- it's been WONDERFUL!!

And now it's Friday and my heart is so full from all the family time we've had and my body is TIRED. HA! Taking care of and hanging out nine kiddos all week long has made me feel like an old lady. HA!

It's been forever since I've posted some FAVORITES on a Friday. I am so happy to be getting back into the groove of blogging and to be sharing some "happy" from our past week!

Aaron was off last Friday (we were actually supposed to be in Charleston, SC last weekend for a course Aaron was going to be taken- but it got cancelled because of COVID- BOO!) and he took the kids out to run errands and I caught up on blogging and other things while they were gone. I had my coffee, a view of our pool and it was just LOVELY. So thankful for an hour to just do some things I had been wanting to do! :)
About a month or so ago, I ordered two new lip glosses from April and I am totally OBSESSED with them!! They are the PERFECT summer colors. I love Senegence lip glosses...they are smooth, they don't get gunky and the colors are just SO pretty. I am personally not a fan of Lipsense (which is their lip color) but I LOVE their lip glosses! And I love my friend April- so it's always so fun to put in an order with her!!! You can find her HERE on Instagram if you want to get some fun beauty goodies for the summer! :)
Another recent beauty purchase I have made that I am LOVING is this sunscreen from Beautycounter. FRIENDS. This sunscreen is amazing. Probably the best I have ever used! 
I just use it on my face and use less expensive stuff on the rest of my body (but you can definitely use this on your whole body).
It smells delightful, works REALLY WELL, is NOT greasy and I have not had a single breakout out since using it! Can't recommend it enough! I get my Beautycounter products from an amazing woman named Stephanie Weinert- you can find here HERE on Instagram or via her blog- which you can find HERE!
Two weeks ago, we took a short little trip and had a picnic at Goose Creek State park and then we went to the nearby town of Washington, NC to get an ice cream treat and walk alongside the Pamlico River. It was just the perfect that I totally made sure to etch in my memory and store away. 
It was a literal and figurative breath of fresh air for our family to have such a fun afternoon together and it sure made me grateful!!
P.S. How amazing is that boat?? Aaron spent a good 20 minutes on our ride home convincing me how much we NEED a boat. HA!

Ok friends! That's all I have for today!
I hope you a FABULOUS Friday and WONDERFUL weekend!!

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  1. Ha.. Just remind him boat stands for "break out another thousand" LOL. They are fun but we are finding just about all watercrafts take a lot to maintain. They sure are beautiful to look at and so fun to use though.

  2. Love the view you had while catching up on the blog. And the boat trip looks like fun. Stopping by from Friday favorites. Have a wonderful day!

  3. So glad you got a little alone time this week to do somethings you wanted to do. That always feels so good. Your little trip to the state park and all the cousin time sounds like so much fun! Tell Aaron you need to become BFFs with someone who owns a boat so you can just tag along :)

  4. Isn't alone time just amazing right now! I love my kids but since they have been home 24/7 since March! A few minutes to breath alone is amazing!

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