Recipe Round-Up!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hey friends!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

I sure hope your week is going well :)
I think like many people, since being at home A LOT more with the quarantine, I have been trying out new recipes and baking more than usual. 
So today, 
I thought it would be fun to share the recipes that I've tried and that have been big hits with my family!

I have to tell you- I don't like to cook. If it were up to me- we would have turkey sandwiches every night for dinner. HA! But- my husband really enjoys a good meal at dinner and my kids are ALWAYS cooking is really an option. HA!

While I don't enjoy the process (or the mess) of cooking...what has been really delightful is that my kids and husband have really loved me trying out new recipes. They are eating a wider variety of things and they also get so excited when I make a new muffin or cookie recipe. So- that has been a huge blessing for me- and has kept me motivated to keep our dinner menu fresh and different. It's still SUPER simple- rest assured of that! HA! I do not have the time or patience for anything that requires multiple pots and pans. 

Okay- here's the deal. I am horrible with taking pictures of food- so I have a lot links but not a lot of pictures. SORRY. The food gets eaten so quickly in our house- by the time I think to take a picture of it- it's gone! HA!

One of my most exciting culinary accomplishments to date is that I have been making homemade bread! And it actually tastes good!
I have been following  "simply sandwich" bread recipe and my kids are OBSESSED with it!
The recipe is VERY easy- but it does take some time because the dough has to rise twice. I start it fairly early in the morning and by lunch we can have a fresh loaf of bread made!
 You can find it HERE on Sally's Baking Addiction blog!

A very excited picture I posted on IG stories the first time I made this bread! HA!
Muffins are a MAJOR favorite in our house. My kids love to have them for a snack, so I have really been enjoying trying out new muffins for them! 
They really liked it when I made them chocolate chip muffins using this "master muffin mix" - which you can find HERE (also from Sally's Baking Addiction blog)!

Another muffin recipe that was a HUGE hit with some of my kids, but especially with my husband were these Cinnamon Applesauce Muffins- you can find the recipe HERE!

And we have made several batches of muffins using Johannah's tried and true pumpkin bread recipe!! If we're feeling EXTRA- we like to add mini chocolate chips to this recipe!

This recipe turns out perfectly whether you make bread, muffins or mini muffins!
Another great snack/treat are these flourless peanut butter oatmeal cookies! I was out of flour- but the kids were wanting a sweet treat so I stumbled across this recipe, on Sally's Baking Addiction Blog (she has the BEST recipes!) and I decided to try it out.
These cookies were a MAJOR hit with my kids and my husband. They are VERY dense and because they have oats and peanut butter- they work as a great snack. My kids love having one of these cookies with an apple or a cheese stick and it's the perfect amount of food to keep them happy until the next meal :)
Let's talk about a few dinner recipes I have made now.

First up is this ground beef stroganoff recipe!

You can find it HERE on the Spend with Pennies blog!
This is a major crowd pleaser with my girls and my husband. My girls don't like onions or mushrooms- so I saute those up separately and then mix them in with my husband's portion at dinner time. My boys are super picky and don't like much- but when we have this meal- they just have the egg noodles with butter and parmesan cheese.
This recipe also reheats really well- my husband loves having it for lunch the next day!!

Another big favorite I have been making regularly is "cheesy ranch chicken roll ups." I use THIS RECIPE and instead of Italian blend cheese- I use sharp cheddar. I also use less ranch dressing and add in some cream cheese. My girls LOVE these roll ups- my youngest daughter actually requested them for her birthday dinner!

And finally- I have made this beef and broccoli recipe several times for Aaron and I as a fun "at home" takeout dinner. It is SO SO good. Aaron' has gone as far to say it's the best beef and broccoli he's ever had- which I think is pretty intense- but I am happy to take the compliment!!
I'd love to know...have you been cooking or baking more?
Have you found some new tried and recipes that your family really enjoys?

Will you please share them with me in the comments??? I would love to keep trying out new recipes (even though I don't really want to- HA) because it really makes my crew so happy!

Hope you have the BEST day!


  1. I have been cooking more, but have reach the point where I'm losing inspiration. Thanks for the stroganoff looks like what my mom used to make. Have a good visit with your brother.

  2. So happy that you’re back to blogging! We have missed hearing from you :)

  3. Yum!! You've found lots of good recipes. I haven't gotten back into the routine of going to Aldi yet so I haven't been able to find your beef recipes. We've been grilling out a lot. I added bacon to our burgers and my family thought it was so fun! They felt very gourmet. We've also added grilled onions to our burgers to make eating at home seem more fun.

  4. I love beef with broccoli and order it every time we eat chinese! I need to make this recipe!

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