Weekly Walmart Find: Best Sports Bra!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Hey friends!!

Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend??

We had a good one! After a VERY fun and full week with all of the cousins on my side of the family (minus my oldest brother's baby)- we definitely needed a low key couple of days to catch up on sleep and recharge!!

I haven't done a Weekly Walmart Find in what feels like AGES and decided today would be the perfect day to share with you my FAVORITE sports bra- which is from, you guessed it, Walmart!

A few reasons why I love this sports bra: 
1) it doesn't have a racer back. I get headaches SUPER easy and I find when I wear racer back sports bras- my head and neck get achy/ the fact that this bra doesn't have a racer back makes me very happy! 
2) It's CUTE. There is a little mesh detail that frames the neckline and the back has criss-cross straps! 
3) It is under $13. Enough said!
It's called the "Avia Women's Active Ladder Back Sports Bra" and you can find it HERE on Walmart's website!
Here's the back of the bra!! Isn't it just SO cute??
In my opinion, this bra runs true to size. I wear a small in it and that is my normal size. It comes with thin padding- but it's removable. 
I find that I prefer the fit of the bra without the padding- so I take it out!
As far as support goes- I would say this bra provides medium support. 
I have this bra in every color it comes in! :)
That's how much I love it. HA!
This bra is not only great for working out...but I think it would be super cute to wear as a regular bra...especially if you have one of those shirts that have a little keyhole or cutout in the back!

Speaking of working out..I have been having tons of fun connecting with so many amazing people on my health and wellness Instagram account!!
You can find me HERE! I'd love for you to follow along if you aren't already! :)
If you need to look for me on Instagram, my account name is: fullhandsfullheart_ww_fit4life

It's Monday friends. We're already HALF WAY through June. HOW??
Here's to having an AWESOME day and an AMAZING week. 

We get to decide how this week is going to look. 
We get to choose how we are going to respond to whatever is thrown our way.
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  1. I love the design and bright colors of this sports bra. Hope you have a good week!

  2. That is really cute! I can't wait until dressing rooms open back up because I hate buying things without trying them on. It's a major deterrent to buying any clothing. And my Walmart is currently NOT accepting clothing returns. So you can't try things on and you can't return things right now. Yuck! I'm over it. Ha! And I fully realize that in the grand scheme of things this does not matter one bit :) I do miss picking up a few new items for the season though.

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