Friday Favorites!

 Hey hey friends!! Happy Friday! AND- Happy FIRST day of December!!

The elves are officially back at our house as of this morning!
A few years ago, tor some reason, I thought it would a good idea to not only invite 3 "adult" elves into our home- but also FIVE baby elves. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!? HA! 
My younger three kiddos love our elves so much and my two oldest daughters are constantly reminding me that I need to move them every night. I am definitely not a creative or elaborate elf mom- but I do have fun trying to a few fun things with our elves throughout the month!
Can I please tell you what is bringing me immense joy these days??

This fraiser fir scented all purpose cleaner by Thymes. I absolutely LOVE the scent of Christmas trees and when I saw this spray- I became giddy with excitement. It is a complete splurge- given this bottle of $16- BUT- the smell is incredible. And it truly feels like such a TREAT to clean off my counters with it every night!! I have decided I will treat myself to one bottle of this magical cleaner every year and I just love that for myself!!
As I was setting up my Christmas porch decorations this past weekend, I realized I needed a new Christmas doormat. I found this one at Target! I wanted something classic and not cheesy.  What is up with all the door mats that say stuff like, "Meet me under the mistletoe" of "No humbugs allowed" ?!? I am just much more of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decor! 
Also- I didn't want to spend $40 on something that is going to sit on my porch! 
This one is $13 and it's just what I was looking for! You can find it HERE on Target's website!
'Tis the season for having to think about gifts for all the special people in your life! 
I wanted to share about this cleansing balm that I have been using for over a year now. 
I think it would make a lovely gift! You can find it HERE on Amazon!
It is VERY similar to Beautycounter's Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm if you are familiar with that! 
It is a moisturizing balm that takes makeup off SO well. It is also incredibly moisturizing! I use it in the morning as more of a moisturizer than a cleanser. I think it's a great gift option- especially for a girls' holiday party or gift exchange at work- because it's right under $15! If you wanted to added a little "oomph" - you could this cleansing balm with a some makeup remover towels! Such a useful and fun gift!!
Homemade hot fudge sauce. Have you ever made it? Charlotte requested hot fudge brownie sundaes- so I made the brownies from my favorite Aldi box mix and decided it would be fun to make the hot fudge! It could not have been easier! And it was SO delicious!  As I was making it- I was thinking what a fun gift it would be to make some homemade hot fudge and pair it with a container of ice cream, sprinkles and whip cream. Wouldn't that be so nice to drop off at a friend's house or bring over to a family get together?

Here's the recipe I used to make it!! 
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Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? We have several things going on- all of which I am really looking forward to!! The weather is supposed to be rainy and gross here in Raleigh- so I am thankful we have plans to keep us occupied and not stuck inside!! 

Hope you have an AWESOME Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing today! I actually JUST put hot fudge sauce on my shopping list so I'm going to look at your recipe instead :). I'm with you on the "classy" decorations - thanks for the tip of where to shop. Have a great weekend!

  2. That hot fudge sauce looks delicious! I have made some before, but the recipe was much more complicated! I will give this one a try for sure. Hope your weekend is awesome!


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