Hey Hey Monday!

 Hey Friends!! Happy Monday!!
How was your weekend??

We had a really great couple of days "off!"

On Saturday, my daughters and I went to a baby shower for a good friend. It was such a lovely shower! It was a tea party theme and my girls just loved all the mini desserts and special sparkling juice :)

Saturday evening, we went bowling for my oldest daughter's birthday- which was this past Wednesday. We haven't been bowling in FOREVER and we had a blast!
Sunday was my birthday!! Let's go FORTY-THREE! :)
Love my silly Cora :)
My birthday request was a Christmas recital and my kids delivered! My mom came over and they put on the best performance!! 
My husband made me the most delicious and totally dairy free cake- and it was SUCH a treat. 
I enjoyed several slices :)
And now it's Monday again :)

I put our meal plan together last night while we watched the Eagles / 49ers game! What a GAME! And not in a good way!
As an extra special birthday present- my husband switched his work schedule around and he is off today!! He told me last night and I was so surprised! And excited!

We have big fun plans today. We're going to workout and go to Costco. HA!
Truly any time we spend together is the best time- so I am really looking forward to our day :)

I feel like I have settled into a good routine with going to Costco.
It's not overly convenient for me to go there regularly- so I have found going once a month works well for me.

I am definitely not a Costco fanatic - but there are several things I buy every month!

Here's my list!
This is what I typically get once a month! I usually only have to get the honey once every couple of months and same with the paper towels. I still can get most of my groceries for a less expensive price at Aldi- but being able to get a good amount of different protein options at Costco is super helpful!

We have a deep freezer- so I am able to buy in bigger quantities because I have the space for it!

Maybe this is helpful if you are new to shopping at Costco?? 
I find that if you don't want to overspend- you really need to walk into that place with a game plan! HA!

Ok friends! Off to have a very fun Monday with my hubby!
Hope it's a great day for you!!


  1. What a fun week celebrating all the birthdays! Happy Belated Birthday friend!


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