Favorite Workout Gear + Getting Stronger!

Hey friends!! Happy Friday!!! I hope you have had a great week!!!

Thanks so much for hanging out with me this week while I have shared more about the health journey I went on last year!! 

If you haven't had a chance- you can check Tuesday's post HEREI shared more about one of my goals for 2023. 
On Wednesday, I shared about my progress and results. You can read that post HERE.

Today, I thought I would wrap this little "series" up with sharing how I got stronger last year.

For those of you who have been following along for a long time- you know that I am girl who loves daily movement. Even when I was very overweight- I exercised and truly loved it!
So working out has really never been an issue for me!! It is a habit so ingrained in me that I feel "off" when I don't exercise or go for a good walk!

In conjunction with setting a goal to lose the 10 pounds I had gained, I also wanted to get stronger and feel BETTER in my workouts. By the end of 2022, the extra weight I had put on was really affecting how I felt when I exercised and I was experiencing injuries that I had NEVER dealt with before.  I knew that the extra weight I had put on my body was a contributing factor to how crappy I was feeling in my workouts!!

So- at the beginning of 2023, I set two fitness goals:
(Important to note- I exercise using the Peloton platform. 
We have a Peloton tread and bike + free weights
have been using Peloton since November 2019- I absolutely LOVE it.)

1. To complete at least 40 "Saturday 60" minute treadmill bootcamps by the end of the year.

The first 5-6 treadmill bootcamps I took were SO hard. They were so humbling. I felt slow and weak. But I didn't give up. I got into a rhythm of taking a bootcamp class once a week and I really had to give myself a pep talk every time!! Around the beginning of March, I noticed I had more endurance. I noticed that the strength portions of the bootcamp were still SUPER hard- but I didn't feel like I was going to die. HA! And by the time summer rolled around, I was killing the bootcamps and absolutely feeling AMAZING when I took them. They were still SUPER hard- but good hard, you know what I mean?
I ended the year with completing 49 bootcamps- 9 classes over my goal of 40!

2. Strength train consistently 3-4 times a week.

I had been randomly lifting weights for a couple years- but I really wasn't challenging myself with picking up heavier weights and I wasn't consistently taking strength classes. I was aware of all the data that basically SCREAMS how important it is to maintain and build muscle mass - especially as you get older- and decided to start listening :)

Fun fact: I HATE lifting weights. Truly DESPISE it. But guess what- that's not a good enough excuse to not do it. So, I started planning out my workouts every week- and made sure I was taking 3-4 strength classes every week. Peloton has SO many strength classes- and they vary in time length. I found that the 20 minute length classes were the sweet spot for me. Some weeks- I would do 3 "full body strength" classes. Some weeks I would do 2 "upper body" strength classes and 2 "lower body" strength classes. 

I didn't get too hung on the exercises I was doing- I just kept on showing up and listened to what the coaches told me to do. And about 6 months into consistently taking strength classes every week, I realized that the 10 and 15 pound weights that I was using were starting to feel LIGHT. 
So I started picking up 20 pound weights. And then eventually I started using 25 pound weights for certain exercises. I was getting stronger!!! I honestly was so surprised to realize that I could lift weights that previously felt impossible to pick up. The progression of me getting stronger was SO slow and steady. And this was happening with me taking 20 minute classes! I wasn’t lifting weights for 45-60 minutes! As someone who still hates strength training (Ha!), I felt pretty awesome for meeting this goal at the end of 2023- because there were SO many days I did NOT want to lift weights- but I did it anyway!!

Currently, I have a new goal for this year to complete at least 49 "Saturday 60" treadmill bootcamps by the end of 2024. I typically do one bootcamp class a week. I am continuing with my commitment of 3-4 strength classes a week. Lately, I have been really enjoying taking 2 upper body classes and 2 lower body classes a week. 
And I run/walk+run/power walk every day. I LOVE to run. I don't run every day because my body needs a break- so on those days- I will do a power walk or a walk + run class.  I know there is a lot of information out there saying that doing "a lot" cardio is not good for you. I don't really see the validity in that. Obviously overdoing anything is not good. But I LOVE to run and do intense power walks. So that's what I do! I do NOT like HIIT runs or hikes- so guess what- I don't do those! HA! Along with my cardio of choice, I just make sure I get my strength training done too!

Something I wanted to share: I don't always want to workout. I am just as lazy as the next person! HA! But- when my motivation runs out, my discipline takes over. I KNOW I will feel better and have more energy once I get my workout done. And more importantly- I am CHOOSING to show up for myself. I really value that.

Okay! Now time for some FAVORITE workout gear!!!
I put together a collage of my "go-to" workout essentials. 
These are the items I literally wear EVERY single day when I work out!!
Sports bra: HERE
New Balance Fresh Foam 1080s: HERE
Lululemon Speed Up Mid Rise Lined Short: HERE
Sports Bra: HERE
Earphones: HERE
Headband: HERE

If you follow me on Instagram, you see me in some combination of one of my favorite sports bras + a pair of lululemon speed up mid rise running shorts + one of my workout headbands every day when I post my "workout recap." I find what I like and wear it on repeat!
Just in the last week, I got a new pair of running shoes to try out! I am a very loyal New Balance Fresh Foam 1080s girlie- but decided to be adventurous and try out a pair of Brooks. The only reason I was motivated to do this was because my husband gets a discount on them. HA!
I got the Glycerin GTS -you can find them HERE! 

I am so pleasantly surprised to say that I LOVE them. They are super cushy but have a good amount of structure. My feet feel great in them! I am pretty excited to have found another running shoe that I love!!
If you are in the market for a new pair of running/walking shoes, I recommend finding a retailer that has a good, free return policy.  That way you can order several different pairs and try them on at home. Walk around your house in them for a couple hours! See how they feel! I know a lot of people will go to Fleet Feet or some other store like that and have one of the salespersons recommend what shoe fits them the best....annnddd I say- you should be the one to decide which shoe fits the best :) And the only way you can do that is try them out at home :) One other tip- it's usually a good idea to go up at least a half size in your running shoes. Your feet move around a lot when you are walking/running and they need somewhere to go! If your shoes are too tight- you are more likely to get bruised toenails and callouses. 
(Ask me how I know all this information. One clue- I am married to a foot and ankle guy ;)

And I think that wraps up my week of recapping my health goals from 2023!
I really appreciate you taking the time to read about my experience. I hope you can feel my excitement for becoming "re-committed" to taking really good care of myself. I truly feel amazing and I am incredible grateful for my healthy mind and body.

I'd love to share a question with you that Robin Arzon asked in one of the strength classes I took this week. It was at a point in the class where the weights were heavy and it was getting really hard. And she said, "What would happen if you didn't give up?"

Dang. What a powerful question to ask ourselves.

If something has been put on your heart...some area of your life that you have wanted to face head on...but you haven't because it feels hard and scary. I am praying that you get BOLD and BRAVE and commit to just starting. Commit to showing up for yourself like you show up for everyone else in your life. And just see what happens. 
REAL self care requires discipline, effort and time. You are WORTH all of that!

Sending all of you so much love on this Friday. I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  1. It has been great reading your health journey this week. I even went back and read the three parts from last year - SO inspiring! Thank you for sharing and being encouraging.
    My sister and daughter, who are runners, pretty much only wear Brooks running shoes. My daughter doesn't like to spend money on anything but does splurge on those :).
    I have gained inspiration from you and the big take-away is consistency. Finding my rhythm (or what my body needs) and just DOING it. Thank you!


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