Happy Monday: Day In The Life!

Hey friends!!!

Happy Monday!! 
WOW. Did you watch the Super Bowl last night???? 
Our family had so much fun watching it!!

And now it's Monday...back to regular life for us regular people. HA! :)

Last week, I decided to pick a random day and document a "day in the life!"

I don't think I have ever done a DITL blog post! This is a first for me!!

So here goes! Hopefully you won't be too bored reading about what a "normal" Tuesday (during the school year) looks like for me!

I get between 5:15-5:30 am. On this morning, I think I got downstairs at 5:32 am :)

First thing I did was write a love note for each of my kids and set out their treat for the day. 
Since my girls were very young, I have set out a Valentine's mailbox for the kids and everyday, from February 1st through February 13th, I write the kids a daily love note and give them some kind of treat. 
On this day, it was a couple boxes of sugary cereal for breakfast :)
Then it was time for coffee!!
I took my coffee to our "reading room" and got settled in my chair. Without fail, EVERY morning, our dogs wait for me to sit down in my chair. Then they all jump into my lap. They each have a certain "spot" where they sit. These dogs annoy the S**T out of me (HA!)- but they are pretty cute in the morning :)
Aaron always calls me on his way to work. I love our good morning chats :)
I ready my devotionals, check my email and read my favorite blogs. This is such an IMPORTANT, non-negotiable part of my day. 
James and Marshall get up around 6:15 am. They unload the dishwasher every morning. After they were done, Marshall asked to use my phone to take a picture of the sunrise. Wasn't it just the prettiest sunrise?!?
All of the kids are up by 6:30 am. They make their own breakfast, get dressed and ready, and get everything they need for the school day ready to go. I finish packing their lunches!
After I got lunches packed, I put some frozen chicken breasts in the crock pot. I needed some shredded chicken for dinner that night. My go to method for the BEST shredded chicken is to put fresh or frozen chicken breast in the crockpot- with NO liquid. Just the chicken! Season with salt, pepper and a little garlic powder (totally optional). Cook the chicken on low or high depending on how much time you have. That's it!
After I got the chicken in the crockpot, I headed upstairs to get dressed and make my bed! 
I am a VERY committed make my bed everyday girlie :)
Then we all loaded up in the car and headed out for school drop off! We should leave by 7:20- but usually we are pulling out of the driveway at 7:28-7:30 am. At least one of us is always running behind!

First we drop off Charlotte at high school! It was spirit week- so she didn't have to wear her uniform. YAY!
After we dropped off Charlotte, we headed to the other kids' school. They hopped out of the car right around 8:05 am and I headed home!

I always tidy the kitchen before we leave...I love coming home to a clean house! 
I got changed into my workout clothes and headed up to our "gym." 
Time to workout!
Workout DONE! 
I lifted weights and did a 30 minute run on the treadmill.
After my workout, I took a shower and got ready for the day!
Then it was time for breakfast/brunch. 
I usually eat my first meal of the day between 11:30-12:00!
While I made and ate my breakfast, I baked some frozen biscuits for the kids to have for breakfast. We love the Great Value frozen biscuits from Walmart. 
I bake 10-12 at a time and put them in the fridge. The girls will eat them with a sausage patty for breakfast!
I got the kitchen cleaned up again, took the dogs outside and then it was time for me to head to my younger kids' school! I work there in the afternoon every Tuesday and Wednesday!
We all finished up at school and got home just before 4 pm!
I packed the kids' lunches for the next day and took the chicken out of the crock pot. 
I also prepped dinner for the night- cheesy chicken roll ups!
At 4:45 pm- the boys and I headed out to go pick up Charlotte from swim practice!
Then, we headed to where the boys do their wrestling club and dropped them off for practice!
Charlotte and I got home around 5:45 pm. I baked the cheesy chicken roll ups I had prepped earlier and steamed some broccoli in the microwave!
Dinner is served for the girls and me! I had a big grilled chicken salad :)
After the girls and I ate dinner, it was time for me to leave again to pick up the boys from wrestling. We got home at 7:28 pm and I warmed the boys up some pasta for dinner!
The boys ate dinner and then headed up to take their showers. 
I got the kitchen cleaned and closed it down for the night!
The boys watched a show until about 8:30 pm. Then it was time for bed :)
After I put the boys to bed, I got a load of laundry started. I wash my boys uniforms and play clothes and Charlotte's swim stuff everyday. My girls do their own laundry! 
After I got the laundry started, I went to my room to work on finishing up my blog post for Wednesday!
My girls let the dogs out for one last time at 9:00 pm every night and then they head to bed (except for Charlotte who is a night owl)- around 9:30 pm!
After I got my blog post scheduled, I moved over the laundry from the wash to the dryer. I made a pitstop at Charlotte's room to tell her to go to bed:)
Then I washed my face and brushed my teeth and got snuggled into bed!
I went to bed at 10:20 pm!

And that's a wrap on a regular Tuesday at our house! It was a good, productive day!
I really am so thankful for my life!



  1. You are a rockstar! Would you mind please sharing your cheesy chicken roll-up recipe?

  2. I love a Day in the life post! Such a productive day!

  3. I love day in the life posts!! You pack a lot into your days. I'm a night owl like Charlotte so it's hard for me to wake up early. I love your routines. You're a super mom!!

  4. These are the best posts :)
    Thanks for sharing!


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